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Foametheus - - Brutus's Armory. Maker of fine foam weapons guaranteed to pass for Riverbend. Also sells materials!

The Ringlord - - The ringlord is THE source for maille armor supplies. EVERYTHING you need, and much much more.

Construction Guides

The Ringlord - - The ringlord also has a wide assortment of tutorials on making chain armor. Free to download!

Riverbend Tunic Construction page - - simple tunic instructions with picture.

Belegarth Wiki's Construction Page - - Lots of different construction guides. Some use very old tech, but there's a lot of information to be had here. These were made for Belegarth, so you need to keep in mind Riverbend's weapon guidelines when using these resources.

Games Riverbend participates in:

Amtgard - - Really different game, magic, classes, levels, etc.

Belegarth Medieval Combat Society - - Riverbend is proud to be a realm of Belegarth

— Arnor, Realm of Belegarth - - St.Louis's Belegarth chapter

Dagorhir Battle Games - - very similar game.